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Functional Drop

It all started with a drop...

Branding project developed for Functional Drop, an aromatherapy clinic based in Lisbon, which, through its elegant, relaxing and welcoming well-being space, offers its customers an engaging atmosphere that invites them to travel through the world of aromas: Sri Lankan cinnamon, Indian lavender, cedar, Hawaiian sandalwood, tangerine and so much more.

In just one body massage session with these essential oils, anyone will feel like new! And, speaking of the essential oils used in these aromatherapy sessions, it was precisely from them that we were inspired to create this branding project. Small golden drops that are actually the precious main element and the starting point of this journey... which started with a drop.


Award-winning project at the 2020 MUSE Creative Awards.
Gold Award • Corporate Identity Category • Brand Identity Sub-category



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