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Beauty Summit

The first exclusive event for beauty and wellness professionals in Portugal

Creation of all design and communication pieces for the largest Portuguese event of beauty and professional wellness, the Beauty Summit.

An exclusive event for professionals in the beauty and wellness sector, organized by Beautyland and Exponor Exhibitions, moderated by journalist and presenter Fernanda Freitas, which took place on June 16 and 17, 2019, on Espaço Atmosferas of ETIC – Escola de Tecnologias, Inovação e Criação.


Creative process for the 1st edition of Beauty Summit

For this 1st edition of the Beauty Summit, a pioneer format in Portugal dedicated exclusively to professionals in the beauty and wellness industry, it was necessary to develop several pieces of design and communication both before, during and after the event.

Throughout this article you can see the tickets created so that the participants could have access to the Beauty Summit, the roll-up, the personalized tote bag, the credentials for the organization, for the moderator Fernanda Freitas, etc., the photo spot so that all participants of the event could have a souvenir photo, the flyers, the personalized pens, the posts for the social networks promoting the event and the website that contained (and contains) information about the speakers, the program, the partners and so much other relevant information about Beauty Summit.

Unrivaled training experience

It was two days of conversations with a panel of influential speakers in the national and international market of beauty and wellness, including professionals, trainers, brands and entities, which addressed the most relevant topics in the areas of aesthetics/cosmetics, hair, nails and health.

Beauty Summit also provided musical moments, networking and coffee break and all participants could enjoy a welcome drink, lunch, illusionism show, Francisca band and the offer of gifts that certainly guaranteed an incomparable training experience.

Analyze the present, discuss the future, exchange experiences and join forces

In this megaconference the most relevant current issues in the beauty and well-being market were addressed. We highlight the following:

DIGITAL MARKETING – Beauty and Digital Marketing.
• Importance of social networks and how to "sell" my work on the web

NEW SKILLS – Training/Information = Creativity
• Combining creativity with knowledge.
• Training as the "key" to success.
• How to manage my business?

NEW CHALLENGES – Beauty and Technology
• Recent and future challenges in the beauty sector.
• The sustainability of the beauty market and the world.

2nd edition on the way?

Beauty Summit was born with the goal of promoting dialogue and strengthening ties between professionals in the beauty industry, associations and brands. Over two days, this was the intimate stage for training, networking, and interventions revealing an industry in constant growth and updating.

"We knew we were taking a risk because nothing like this had ever been done in Portugal. But the adhesion to the event and the support we felt from the partners and professionals present proved that this is a winning concept and that it has legs. We thank everyone who, like us, believes that a better future for the sector is possible." – Bruno Sousa and Carlos Salvado, founders of Beautyland and co-organizers of the Beauty Summit.

As for a 2nd edition, we will have to wait and see. But of one thing we can be sure, we, SALVADO® company, guarantee to be there and be part of the whole creative process.

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