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Anjos Urbanos

Website with e-commerce store, artificial intelligence, and a handful of technological surprises

Anjos Urbanos is a hair salon founded in 2002 and located in the heart of the invicta city. With a team of highly qualified and passionate professionals, they are dedicated not only to visual transformation but also to the experience of personal care.

At the Anjos Urbanos salon, innovation, high-quality products, and details are highly valued to provide a personalized and unique approach that reflects the personality and needs of each client.

Original design and advanced technologies

This project involved the creation of a website with an e-commerce store and the use of artificial intelligence. The focus of the creative process was originality, innovation, modernity, and the use of advanced technologies to provide an impactful digital experience.

The graphic elements and the selected color palette are fundamental to strengthening communication and enriching the brand's visual identity. The image created for this website aims to highlight the Anjos Urbanos salon in the competitive digital environment. It is a fully customized website where every detail conveys the brand's image and values. The website design is not only visually appealing, but also an extension of the Anjos Urbanos brand identity.

The culmination of innovation in interactive tools

One of the technologies developed for this project is the implementation of web stories, a creative, intuitive, and effective way to share information, making the experience more interactive and visually appealing.

The e-commerce store offers a wide range of Alfaparf Milano products, a renowned professional brand that provides solutions for hair care and coloring.

The virtual assistant of Alfaparf Milano on the Anjos Urbanos website was created using artificial intelligence and the most advanced technologies. This feature allows personalized recommendations for the user's individual hair needs, ensuring personalized and individual service that starts online and is reflected in the salon.

A powerful digital marketing and sales tool

This project was meticulously developed to create a cohesive visual narrative with the Anjos Urbanos brand image and its target audience. The goal is to create a strong online presence, marked by originality and innovation. Besides the visual aesthetics, the goal of the website's design and tools is to communicate the professionalism, attention to detail, and personalized service that the salon offers, starting in the website itself. The website is a powerful and effective digital marketing tool. It attracts visitors with the convenience of the e-commerce store, the personalized service of the virtual assistant, and the dynamism of the web stories, all connected by a unique and personalized web design that conveys the values of innovation and modernity of the Anjos Urbanos brand.

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