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150 years of CARRIS

In the turns that the city takes

The 150 Years Carris Magazine is an editorial design project developed as part of the celebration of the one hundred and fifty years of history of this iconic institution of public passenger transportation in the city of Lisbon.

This special edition, distributed by the newspaper Público, portrays the memories of Carris alongside the history of Lisbon, as both intertwine and intersect, much like the tram lines throughout the years.

Get on board with this project and embark on this journey that starts in the year 1872 and, page by page, takes us through narrow streets and iconic avenues of the capital of Portugal, all the way to the present day.



A story with a beginning, middle and no end in sight...

Through the 78 pages of this special edition, the reader becomes a passenger and gets absorbed in adventures, chronicles and curiosities, in a project that illustrates how Carris was born, reinvented and adapted to the evolution of Lisbon's cosmopolitan society and the needs of its passengers who have boarded it every day over the past 150 years.

All aboard...

With the past the future is written

The use of carefully selected archival photographs and the creation of infographics and hand-drawn illustrations served as a reference to the human and genuine aspect by which Carris has always been guided. The company's concern to stay close to people, its employees, passengers and society at large has made it an indelible brand in the hearts of Lisbon people and visitors alike.

The graphic inspiration, influenced by the symbiosis between Carris and the city of Lisbon, reflects the historical context of the company. Carris's commitment to improvement and evolution mirrors the progress of a society with gentle customs of the past that has since evolved, grown, adapted and modernized. Today, this public transportation company is a reflection of a progressive Lisbon, always revitalized, captivating and adapted to new trends, particularly through technology, deeply rooted in today's world.

An engaging project

The fusion of period elements with contemporary elements has made this project a distinctive, enjoyable piece of design, infused with humor, punctuated by curiosities and nostalgic stories from bygone eras. The aim of this project was to capture the essence of Carris, reflecting the values that have made it a benchmark in public transportation and that today create a strong emotional connection with its passengers.

This editorial project intends to absorb that essence and deposit it on its pages, leaf by leaf, from station to station, to be read slowly, as if we were traveling to the sound of a tram's bell and the background noise of the city.

Magazine distributed inside of Público journal

The 150 Years Carris Magazine is an institutional and commercial product of Carris, developed and distributed in partnership with Estúdio P (the branded content area of the newspaper Público). It involved the participation of various prominent figures from the current administration of Carris, as well as the Mayor of Lisbon, Carlos Moedas, and numerous Carris users and employees.

This edition is a tribute to one hundred and fifty years of transformation, adaptation and progress, solidifying Carris as an inseparable part of Lisbon's history and future.

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