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The power of marine minerals on the skin

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With marine inspiration and recognized quality, this French brand has been awarded countless times with beauty awards. In Portugal, since 1979, it has been distinguished with several awards and nominations. In France, the Oscars Cosmétique Mag were awarded to new products in 2015, 2016 and 2017.



Beauty rituals for all skin types


Thalgo presents a wide range of products according to the needs of each skin type. Cold Cream Marine to nourish and care, Collagène to combat the first wrinkles, Éveil à la Mer to cleanse the face, Exception Marine for mature skin, Hyalu-Procollagène with anti-wrinkle effect (30-45 years), Hyaluronique to fill in existing wrinkles, Mer des Indes to hydrate, cleanse and exfoliate, Prodige des Océans with a global anti-aging effect, Pureté Marine to purify, Silicium Marin to correct wrinkles and firm the skin, Solarie to protect and tan, Source Marine to hydrate, Spa to relax and revitalize, Spiruline Boost with anti-wrinkle effect (20-30 years) and Force Marine to care for and revitalize male skin.


In terms of equipment for specific aesthetic care, for face and body, it presents state-of-the-art technologies in microdermabrasion, light therapy, vacuum-pressure, radiofrequency, pressure therapy, stimulation currents, ultrasound, as well as furniture and accessories for professional aesthetic offices.

Respect the sea and its biodiversity


Thalgo is a brand that was born from the oceans. The formulas of its products have marine and natural components that respect the sea and its biodiversity. Know their commitments:

Clean Beauty
• Products without parabens, ingredients of animal origin (except beeswax) and mineral oil;
• Maximize the use of marine active ingredients of natural origin.

Green Pack
• Reduce the number of components, weight and volume of packaging, plastic and develop reusable packaging and ecological refills;
• Decrease environmental impact by using ecologically developed paper, prefer vegetable inks and solvent-free acrylic varnishes.

Green Factory
• New, more natural cosmetics production facility, where energy expenditure and the discharge of polluting particles is limited;
• Highly energy-efficient motors that reduce electricity consumption, limit waste, and optimize energy savings.

Corporate Social Responsibility
• Renewable energy production;
• Adoption of good practices such as the use of reusable bottles;
• Recycling and encouraging carpooling.


To know in detail all its cosmetics, nutricosmetics, advanced aesthetic equipment, press references and continuous training programs, click here.

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