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Beauty Bubbles

Developing game marketing projects is taking a brand's image to the next level! 3... 2... 1... GO!

Beauty Bubbles is the official game of Beautyland – the magazine for beauty and wellness professionals. A marketing tool that works like a traditional conversion funnel, that is, it starts by generating awareness, grants visibility and knowledge/consideration (which ends up convincing people that that magazine is really interesting) and ends up resulting in conversion, which is the moment of purchase/subscription of the physical magazine and access to the exclusive contents of the platform.

The marketing game solidifies the brand's positioning through young, fun and passionate Itech communication, combined with a strong lead capture aspect, which offers the possibility of attracting new customers who provide their contacts in exchange for a prize. In the case of the Beautyland game, the user gets a year of free online subscription after beating level 9 of Beauty Bubbles.



Beauty Bubbles, is the perfect connection between beauty and technology

A free game that challenges the user to make combinations of three or more pieces – combinations of 4, 5 and 6 pieces become special pieces – in order to reach the points of each level. Beauty Bubbles is composed of 10 levels, the last one (∞) has an infinite point goal, which allows the user to try to beat his personal best. Do you feel able to be your own opponent?

Before all the fun starts, you are asked to fill in a form (name, e-mail and mobile phone), so that the user is eligible to win a prize after completing level 9.

A tool 100% adaptable to any type of brand, where everyone involved wins. It's a win win situation, not a game over!

You can download the game in IOS and Android version.

More info here.

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